Meat Your New Favorite Snack

Pick up our beef jerky in local stores in
Jamestown, Bismarck, ND and other areas

Tired of settling for subpar beef jerky? Instead of choosing the big brands when you're hungry, take your snacking to the next level with ShalGals Jerky.

Our beef jerky is sold in and around Jamestown and Bismarck, ND, and comes in two sizes for you to enjoy. We offer three- and six-ounce bags of our five flavors:

We make all of our jerky with top round cuts from grass-fed, 100% Angus cattle. You won't find any antibiotics, sodium nitrate or gluten in our beef jerky - just fully smoked flavorful beef to enjoy whenever you're craving a bold snack.

You can order beef jerky directly from our website or find it at one of our retail partners in the Bismarck area.

Stock up on our beef jerky

Maybe you're looking for snack options to sell at your business in the Burleigh County or anywhere in the USA! Or maybe you just really love our jerky. Either way, when you need to make a big order, our bulk beef jerky options are the perfect way to get the jerky you're looking for.

Learn more about ordering bulk beef jerky from us today by calling 701-400-7265.

Check out our dry rub and seasoning options

If you're looking for flavor-packed beef jerky in the Jamestown or Bismarck, ND area, you've come to the right place. ShalGals Jerky now offers even more dry rub and seasoning options for our delicious jerky.

Our seasonings and dry rubs include:

  • All-natural seasoning
  • Barbecue dry rub
  • Chicken dry rub
  • Tri-tip dry rub
  • Original seasoning
No matter which flavor you choose, you'll surely be blown away by our 100% Angus cattle beef jerky. We sell our beef jerky in bulk, so you can stock up on your favorite seasoning or dry rub to fill your pantry or keep on your store's shelves. To learn more about our bulk beef jerky, contact us today.