Stick It to Your Hunger

We have flavor-filled beef sticks in stores throughout Jamestown, Bismarck, ND and surrounding areas

Want to enjoy the delicious taste of ShalGals Jerky on the go? Our beef jerky sticks are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite jerky wherever you are.

We use the same Angus beef from our traditional jerky and high-quality pork to prepare each individually-wrapped stick for your convenience. Our beef sticks come in three tasty flavors:

Whether you need a snack to enjoy out on the field, on a long road trip or between meals at home, our beef sticks are an excellent choice. Check out our online shop to get your beef jerky sticks directly from us. You can also find them at three of our retail partners in the Jamestown and Bismarck, ND area.

Customize your perfect order

When you order directly from us, we make it easy to enjoy all three of our delicious flavor options. You can customize your box to include all three options or mix and match between your favorites.

Want to sell our premium beef jerky sticks at your business? Call 701-400-7265 now for more information.

Please note that our beef sticks contain gluten.