A fundraising opportunity that "sticks"

  1. Pre-sell order forms will be provided by ShalGals. Please let us know how many you would like.
  2. Payment is due in full at the time your order is placed. Make checks or money orders to ShalGals. Your fundraising customers will write all checks to your organization.
  3. Turn-around time is between 2 and 3 weeks. If the Shalhoob family runs into any delays we will notify you immediately.
  4. Delivery time will be arranged so the school can provide volunteers to assist with unloading. Carts and dollies will greatly assist us.
  5. Initial deliveries are to ShalGals in Bismarck, ND.
  6. If there are any mistakes or anything wrong with your order, ShalGals will remedy the situation as quickly as possible! We want our customers to love our products!

You will make $1.00 per stick, $2.50 per 3oz bag and $3.75 per 6oz bag.

We'd love to help you with your fundraising efforts! EMAIL US TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE, shalgalsjerky@gmail.com